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5 Power Questions that Close Deals!

Sellers often reach the point where they want to do business but hesitate to move forward because of some unresolved or unspoken objection. There is where power questions come into play. The right questions can not only uncover the seller’s real objections, but they can also reveal the answers needed to overcome them. In today’s… Read More

Here’s What a Healthy Balance Sheet Looks Like!

My business has come a long way from when I first got started. Early on, I hustled every day to make as much as I could and hoped there’d be enough to take care of my family, pay my taxes and handle whatever emergencies that came up. I had a no visibility in my business… Read More

How to Reduce Taxes on Your Wholesaling Income Ethically and Legally!

You can easily save thousands of dollars on your tax bill when you know the right strategies. In short, your goal should be to make the IRS love you, but hate your accountant! In today’s NLREI podcast episode, you’ll learn how to reduce taxes on your wholesaling income both ethically and legally!

How to Stay Positive as an Entrepreneur!

One of my mentors, Dan Sullivan, says your number one job as an entrepreneur is to protect your confidence… …and I couldn’t agree with him more. Think about it, as entrepreneurs we make money by turning the invisible into reality, something that’s virtually impossible without an abundance confidence. This is why protecting your state of… Read More

How We Leveraged Our Local Celebrity Status into a $50K Wholesale Deal!

One of the most profitable and least resistant wholesale deals you can do is one where the seller knows, likes and trusts you before the two of you even meet. This is exactly what we experienced on one of our most recent seller appointments. Checkout today’s NLREI podcast episode to find out how we leveraged… Read More

Our Buyer Backed Out Two Days Before Closing: Here’s How We’ll Still Make Over $80K on the Deal!

Has one of your cash buyers ever bailed on you at the last minute? One of ours just did. We assigned them a deal for $50K, but they changed their mind just two days before closing. Fortunately, we used another strategy to close this deal that will allow us to make even more money! Checkout… Read More

I Just Got a Check for $22k, what Should I do with it?

Jonathan reached out with a question. He just received a check for $22k and wants to know what he should do with it. Checkout today’s NLREI “ask me anything” podcast episode to find out how to re-invest into your business in way that creates predictable cash flow.

The Fastest Way You Can Triple Your Revenue (and it’s Not What You Think)!

One my joint venture partners recently asked me how we could grow our business together. He then suggested we find some new marketing channel that no one else knows about, like I’m sure a lot of wholesalers want to do. But if you’re not religiously practicing the fundamentals in your business every single day, then… Read More

Can You Generate Enough Seller Leads Using Just One form of Marketing?

Joseph reached out with a question. He wants to know if you can generate enough seller leads using just one form of marketing. Checkout today’s NLREI “ask me anything” podcast episode to hear my response, which includes some of my best strategies for successfully marketing to motivated sellers in 2024!

You Can’t Force Sellers to Accept Your Offer, So Do this Instead!

I was speaking with a joint venture partner recently who was having trouble closing a mobile home park deal. Out of frustration, he asked what he could do to force the seller to accept his offer. He quickly pointed out that he didn’t mean the word “force” but I understood what he was saying. He… Read More

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