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Slow the Hell Down: A Lesson in Maximizing Profit per Deal!

Think about how a motivated seller behaves… …they usually want to move fast and they have very few rules or expectations about how the process should go. They just want their money as quickly as possible. Ironically, many wholesalers act the same way when they sell their properties to cash buyers and it’s costing them… Read More

This is What’s Making Your Wholesaling Business Feel Like Such a Grind!

I was recently talking to a very successful wholesaler who started a new business because he wanted to escape the “grind” of wholesaling. For starters, I knew exactly what he meant by the word “grind” because I’ve felt that way before about my own business. But I did issue him a word of caution because… Read More

How the Recent Settlement with the National Association of Realtors Benefits Wholesalers!

I’m sure many wholesalers didn’t pay much attention to the big settlement with the NAR earlier this year, but not me. Over 90% of properties sold are listed with a realtor and I think this change creates a unique opportunity for wholesalers to tap into this vast reservoir of deals like never before. Checkout today’s… Read More

Never Say These Things if You Want Sellers to Trust You!

Wholesalers can often say the wrong things because they think it’s what sellers want to hear. But in reality, motivated sellers don’t actually care about certain details as much as many wholesalers think. So instead of increasing their chances of getting the deal, they really just end up creating opportunities to lose the seller’s trust…. Read More

The Wholesaler’s Guide to Time Management!

There’s a direct correlation between the way you manage your time and the amount of money you have left in your bank account at the end of each month. Specifically, this has a lot to do with something I call “money days,” which is all about maximizing the opportunities right in front of you before… Read More

How to Screen for an Investor Friendly Closing Company!

My title/escrow company is an important member of my team. And just like any other team member, I always do an interview before bringing them on board. Specifically, I ask them 9 questions that determine if they will be asset that helps us close deals more quickly and easily or if they’ll be a hindrance…. Read More

Four Important Lessons I’ve Learned about Hiring Family Members in My Business!

Hiring family members can be complicated. On one hand, you don’t want your relationship to be negatively impacted by work. But at the same time, you also don’t want to make any decisions that could compromise your business. I’ve hired a few different family members in my business over the years, which has helped me… Read More

Here’s How NOT to Run Your Marketing Campaigns!

Bad marketing can ruin a wholesaling business. You end up with too few leads that cost too much money and sellers can easily pick up on that kind of desperation. In today’s NLREI podcast episode, you’ll learn about the 5 most common marketing mistakes I see wholesalers make, so you’ll know how NOT to run… Read More

5 Types of Owner Financed Deals that Will Explode Your Net Worth!

Some sellers are motivated to accept a lower price. Others are motivated to accept favorable terms. Either way, there’s an opportunity to put cash in your pocket today and/or add one more asset into, what’s hopefully, your growing real estate portfolio. In today’s NLREI podcast episode, you’ll learn about 5 types of owner financed deals… Read More

Here Are the Kinds of Partnerships I Recommend and the Ones I Don’t!

I’ve seen wholesalers make some big mistakes when it comes to partnerships that have cost them their business, their friendships, their marriages and more. But I’ve also seen several successful partnerships where both parties were better off having worked together. So what’s the difference between a partnership that works and one that doesn’t? It all… Read More

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