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Our Buyer Backed Out Two Days Before Closing: Here’s How We’ll Still Make Over $80K on the Deal!

Has one of your cash buyers ever bailed on you at the last minute? One of ours just did. We assigned them a deal for $50K, but they changed their mind just two days before closing. Fortunately, we used another strategy to close this deal that will allow us to make even more money! Checkout… Read More

I Just Got a Check for $22k, what Should I do with it?

Jonathan reached out with a question. He just received a check for $22k and wants to know what he should do with it. Checkout today’s NLREI “ask me anything” podcast episode to find out how to re-invest into your business in way that creates predictable cash flow.

The Fastest Way You Can Triple Your Revenue (and it’s Not What You Think)!

One my joint venture partners recently asked me how we could grow our business together. He then suggested we find some new marketing channel that no one else knows about, like I’m sure a lot of wholesalers want to do. But if you’re not religiously practicing the fundamentals in your business every single day, then… Read More

Can You Generate Enough Seller Leads Using Just One form of Marketing?

Joseph reached out with a question. He wants to know if you can generate enough seller leads using just one form of marketing. Checkout today’s NLREI “ask me anything” podcast episode to hear my response, which includes some of my best strategies for successfully marketing to motivated sellers in 2024!

You Can’t Force Sellers to Accept Your Offer, So Do this Instead!

I was speaking with a joint venture partner recently who was having trouble closing a mobile home park deal. Out of frustration, he asked what he could do to force the seller to accept his offer. He quickly pointed out that he didn’t mean the word “force” but I understood what he was saying. He… Read More

Do You Need Real Estate Experience to be a Successful Wholesaler?

Amanda reached out with a question. She wants to know if you need real estate experience to be a successful wholesaler. Checkout today’s NLREI ask me anything podcast episode to hear my response (my answer may surprise you)!

9 Limiting Beliefs that Are Sabotaging Your Success as a Wholesaler!

If I asked you whether wholesalers should make more than their cash buyers, what would you say? Or if I asked how much money you can make on a single wholesale deal, what would your answer be? While it may seem of little consequence, your thoughts and opinions (beliefs) in these areas are actually what’s… Read More

Never Leave the House without the Contract! [Ask Me Anything Episode]

Omar reached out with a question. He said he recently met with a seller who ghosted him after he made an offer that was $30K below their asking price. He later found out they signed with another wholesaler and he wants to know if there’s anything he could have done differently. Checkout today’s NLREI ask… Read More

Slow the Hell Down: A Lesson in Maximizing Profit per Deal!

Think about how a motivated seller behaves… …they usually want to move fast and they have very few rules or expectations about how the process should go. They just want their money as quickly as possible. Ironically, many wholesalers act the same way when they sell their properties to cash buyers and it’s costing them… Read More

This is What’s Making Your Wholesaling Business Feel Like Such a Grind!

I was recently talking to a very successful wholesaler who started a new business because he wanted to escape the “grind” of wholesaling. For starters, I knew exactly what he meant by the word “grind” because I’ve felt that way before about my own business. But I did issue him a word of caution because… Read More

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