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How to Interrupt the Seller’s Pattern when they Drag their Feet!

When a seller continually drags their feet e.g., they keep coming up with different reasons why they can’t move forward right now… …it usually means there’s something they’re not telling you. So if you want the deal to close, so you can get paid, then you have to shake things up by doing something they… Read More

How Much Earnest Money Should You Put Down?

Sellers really only care about two things on your purchase agreement: Price Closing date I’ve closed well over 1,000 real estate transactions in my career and one of the least scrutinized items from sellers is the EMD amount, so there’s absolutely no need to put down too much. Checkout today’s NLREI podcast episode to find… Read More

You Should Just Walk Away from these Type of Deals!

We generally don’t walk away from deals in our office unless the seller says one particular thing. And if a seller ever says it to you, my advice is that you walk away as well. Checkout today’s NLREI podcast episode to find out the type of deals you should just walk away from!

How to Respond when the Seller Asks for Your Offer Right Away!

Has a seller ever asked you for a number right out of the gate? There’s a right and a wrong way to respond to this sort of demand from a seller. Do it wrong… and they might just hang up on you… …but when you do it right, the seller’s tone quickly changes and they… Read More

The Newbie Wholesaler’s Quick Start Guide!

If you’re just getting started in wholesaling, then today’s NLREI podcast episode is for you! Joseph & Ryan grossed over $500k their first year in business and they’re back today with a quick start guide designed to help you absolutely crush your income goals as a new real estate investor!

The Death of Texting and What to Do About It!

I’m sure you’ve heard by now… and if you haven’t… …you’ll likely hear at some point that texting is on its way out. And while, yes, this is probably true… …most of what you and I are hearing about it is just NOISE. The channel is still working (we locked up a $40k monster with… Read More

Should You Knock on Doors to Find Monster Wholesale Deals?

I love being PROACTIVE when it comes to finding monster wholesale deals. And there’s nothing more proactive than door knocking. But is it worth it? Checkout today’s NLREI podcast episode to find out! My answer just may surprise you!

How to Do Big Deals Even if You’re Brand New!

You can do bigger deals starting right now! It doesn’t matter what market you’re in… how long you’ve been wholesaling… …or anything else! It’s just a matter of changing what you’re willing to accept for your efforts. In today’s NLREI podcast episode, you’ll learn how to do big deals even if you’re brand new!

When to Get Off the Phone and Meet the Seller in Person!

We have very specific guidelines for setting up in-person appointments in our company. And you should, too. Because on one hand, you don’t want to waste your valuable time… but on the other… …you can do much bigger deals when you’re in person. So when exactly does it make sense to get off the phone… Read More

5 Ways to Close Motivated Sellers Who Say They Aren’t Ready to Sell Now!

Many motivated sellers you talk to won’t be ready to pull the trigger today. You know they’re going to pull the trigger eventually… …but they say they aren’t ready yet. So what do you do? In today’s NLREI podcast episode, you’ll learn 5 ways to close motivated sellers who aren’t ready to sell without being… Read More

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