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5 Tools for Generating More Leads and Closing More Deals!

Need more leads in your wholesaling business? How about a way to automate lead follow up? In today’s NLREI podcast episode, you’ll discover five tools we’re currently using in our wholesaling business to generate more leads and close more deals!

9 Wholesaling Strategies I Share with All of My Private Clients!

I’ve learned countless lessons on how to run a successful wholesaling operation in my 15+ years as a full-time investor. But there are nine strategies in particular that keep coming up whenever I meet with my private one-on-one clients. Meaning, these strategies are what most wholesalers need to reduce their stress and overwhelm, eliminate unnecessary… Read More

How Logan Started Wholesaling while Stationed Overseas!

Logan first discovered wholesaling while stationed overseas in Germany. He could have easily waited until he got back home to start his business, but he was determined to start right then and there! It wasn’t long until he was closing five-figure wholesale deals from almost 5,000 miles away! Checkout today’s NLREI podcast episode to find… Read More

How Many Cash Buyers Do You Need on Your List?

If you want to consistently command high prices for your deals, then you need to force your buyers to compete. Too few buyers… or too few of the right kinds of buyers… …can mean the difference between $15K in profit and $50K! Checkout today’s NLREI podcast episode to find out how many cash buyers you… Read More

Be Bold Because You Can’t Kill a Deal with a Motivated Seller!

How much did you earn on your last couple of wholesale deals? Were you satisfied with the amount left over after expenses were paid and money was set aside for new marketing? If the answer is no, then it’s time to start seriously lowering your offers! Most wholesalers aren’t comfortable doing this because they think… Read More

Why I Prefer Inbound over Outbound Marketing to Find Motivated Sellers!

Inbound marketing, which is when sellers reach out to you as opposed to you reaching out to them, works like a money multiplier. Meaning, when done correctly, you can expect a multiple return on every dollar spent making your phone ring with motivated sellers. It’s like finding a slot machine that pays you $5 every… Read More

The Wholesaler’s Guide to a Basic Business Dashboard!

Does your wholesaling operation feel more like a side hustle than a real business? If so, one of the first steps to adding more consistency to every aspect of your business is to start keeping score! Checkout today’s NLREI podcast episode for the wholesaler’s guide to a basic business dashboard!

9 Hiring Mistakes to Avoid in Your Wholesaling Business!

You can only go so far in business working alone. So in order for your wholesaling operation to reach its full potential, you eventually need to hire a small team around you. But you want to be very careful about who you hire, especially when it comes to people you know, because bad hires can… Read More

The Most Effective Ways to Practice Your Sales Skills!

You and I aren’t actually in the real estate business. Wholesalers are in the sales and marketing business. So if you want to explode your income and take your business to a whole new level, you must be continually working to improve your skills in these areas. In today’s NLREI podcast episode, you’ll learn the… Read More

The Most Underrated Marketing Channel for Finding Motivated Sellers!

It stands to reason that the most talked about marketing channels e.g., cold calling, texting, PPC, etc. are the ones wholesalers use the most. But I rarely hear people talking about the one marketing channel that I’ve used to consistently close FIVE FIGURE wholesale deals for more than a decade now! Checkout today’s NLREI podcast… Read More

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