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NLP 015 Do or Die 90 Days To A Life Without Limits Part 2

This is Part II in our “Do or Die 90 Days To A Life Without Limits”.  In this episode you can join us on our 90 day challenge to do your first deal in 90 days. No matter where you are in life, you can do your first deal without cash, credit, significant risk, or… Read More

NLP 014 Do or Die: 90 Days To A Life Without Limits Part 1

This episode is the kickoff to a series of shows called “Do or Die: 90 Days To A Life Without Limits.” I am extremely excited to share with you the journey of Tom Krol who has lost his job and is forced to become a fulltime real estate investor. You’re going to hear the unscripted,… Read More

Sean Terry EXTREME freedom.

I rarely promote other Real Estate Educators because frankly I’m sick of all the crap out there. Too many darn people claim they are going to teach you how to make a million bucks in real estate and they haven’t done a deal in years or worse yet, they have never made a penny is… Read More

How To Close your Wholesale Real Estate Deals- Escrow, Title, and Closing Companies

How To Sell Your Wholesale Real Esate

How to Negotiate A Wholesale Deal With A Motivated Seller

How to Find Motivated Sellers for your Wholesale Deals

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How To Find Cash Buyers For your Wholesale Real Estate Deals

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How To Wholesale Real Estate Step by Step

NLP 013: Getting Paid: How To Close Your Real Estate Investing Deals

Getting paid seamless and effortlessly through Escrow without cash, credit, or experience Here is what we cover in today’s show. Why you must ignore the advice of 99% of so called “real estate professionals” How To get paid with double closings and contract assignments How To Collect 5K non-refundable deposits from your buyer. When to… Read More

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