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6 Invaluable Lessons I’ve Learned as a Real Estate Entrepreneur!

As I recorded today’s NLREI podcast episode, I imagined you and I were sitting next to one another having a fireside chat about the biggest revelations we’ve experienced in our businesses. Here are 6 invaluable lessons that I’ve learned as a real estate entrepreneur!

This is How Many New Leads You or Your Acquisitions Rep. Needs Every Week!

You don’t just want to avoid having too few leads for you or your acquisitions rep. each week… …you also want to avoid having too many, which is actually worse than having too few. After years of hiring and training several dozen acquisitions reps, I’ve discovered there’s just the right amount of leads needed to… Read More

How to Keep Fear and Self-Doubt from Holding You Back!

Do you want to know the best predictor for how far someone will go in their real estate business… it’s not how much money they have to get started… it’s not how much they know… and it’s not even who they know! Success in real estate, like anything else, is really a measurement of your… Read More

5 Clauses Every Wholesaler Should Have in their Purchase Agreement!

The right contract clauses will not only protect you if something doesn’t go as planned, but they’ll also make it much easier for you to sell the property for top dollar. Checkout today’s NLREI podcast episode to discover 5 clauses every wholesaler should have in their purchase agreement!

6 Steps for Successfully Making the Jump from an Agent or Broker to an Investor!

If you’re a real estate agent or broker who’s ready to make the switch to an investor, then today’s NLREI podcast episode is for you! Here are 6 steps for successfully making the jump from one to the other! But can’t I do both, you might be wondering… …my answer may just surprise you!

10 Easy Steps to Build a Seven-Figure Wholesaling Business!

One of the best parts about learning from the experience of others is that it creates massive shortcuts. You can avoid making many of their same mistakes and literally just skip straight to what works, which is exactly what today’s NLREI podcast episode is all about! Here are my 10 easy steps to build a… Read More

How to Bounce Back from a Bad Month!

Any wholesaler can have a bad month. I know I still do. And I’m sure you’ve had them, too. But what separates serious wholesalers from the amateurs is what happens afterwards. Because if you’re not careful, one bad month can quickly turn into two… …and before you know, you’re out of business! Don’t let this… Read More

The One Question that Immediately Gets Sellers to Come Down in Price!

If you don’t ask, you won’t get. Motivated sellers may not value price as much as regular sellers… …but this doesn’t mean you can expect a five-figure payday unless you know how to ask for it. In today’s NLREI podcast episode, you’ll learn one question that immediately gets sellers to come down in price!

How Justin Closed 10 Deals His First Year in Business!

My guest today, Justin Grau, got out of real estate after the 2008 crash and hadn’t done anything with it since. But while he was sitting on the sidelines, some friends of his were making a ton of money investing in the market, so last March he decided to get back in the saddle. Fast… Read More

How Dylan Built a Mobile Home Park Portfolio with over 500 Pads at Age 23!

My guest today, Dylan Stewart, started his entrepreneur’s journey selling eggs on the side of the road when he was only 11 years old. In high school, he ran his own landscaping business and he discovered real estate investing shortly after graduating. Today he owns a mobile home park portfolio with over 500 Pads! Checkout… Read More

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