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How to Do Monster Wholesale Deals from the Least Contacted Direct Mail Lead Source!

When a seller reads your postcard, then decides to pick up their phone and call you… …that’s one of the best leads you’ll ever get! But there’s a little known hack that makes this strategy even more effective. And if you’re in a hyper-competitive market, like mine, sometimes this can be the difference between making… Read More

The Best Strategy for New or Beginning Wholesalers Right Now!

If you’re new to wholesaling or if you’ve never done a deal, then today’s NLREI podcast episode is for you! Tune in to find out the strategy I recommend for you to earn a big, fat juicy spread on your FIRST WHOLESALE DEAL!

5 Steps for Closing Your First Novation Deal!

If you want to stay in business over the long haul, then must ADAPT. We’re currently doing this in our business and you should be doing it, too! One of the shifts we’ve made is to focus on Novation deals. A novation is just like any other wholesale deal, but instead of selling to a… Read More

[Case Study] How We Made $80K Wholesaling a Deal to a Conventional Buyer!

Cash buyers—just like wholesalers—are looking for deals. They want discounted properties, which means sometimes, they’re not always going to be your best buyer. We recently closed a deal in south Florida where we netted an extra $50k by selling to a conventional buyer instead of a cash one. Checkout today’s NLREI podcast episode to find… Read More

A New Wholesale Strategy for the Upcoming Recession!

Are you ready for a change in season? There’s no doubt about. The market has shifted. We’ve noticed it our business and other wholesalers I’ve talked to have noticed in their markets as well. But there is one strategy that is still CRUSHING IT for us right now! Checkout today’s NLREI podcast episode to learn… Read More

How Much Money Should You Invest in Marketing?

Continually re-investing a percentage of your gross profit into marketing is the only way to keep your business growing. In other words, the more often you invest… …the more growth you get in return. But the percentage re-invested should change based on your current stage in business. Checkout today’s NLREI podcast episode to find out… Read More

How to Buy a Property from Two Owners Who Are Trying to Kill Each Other!

Real estate investors get paid to solve real estate problems. One of the biggest problems we encounter is when two or more people own a property together, but they aren’t getting along. First, a word of advice… …you should only get involved in these types of deals if there’s a giant spread on the line…. Read More

How to Earn Monster Spreads from Deals Where the Landlord Won’t Give You Access!

Have you ever been working on a deal where the owner is giving you a tough time about getting access to the property? As frustrating as this can be… …it also creates a huge opportunity to earn way more money on the deal! Checkout today’s NLREI podcast episode to find out how to earn monster… Read More

How Far Should You Let a Leads Manager Take the Conversation?

We use lead managers, or what we call acquisitions development reps, in our company and I encourage you to hire someone to do this as well. It doesn’t matter if you’re a one-man show or if you already have an acquisitions rep… …a lead manager will save you or your closer a ton of time… Read More

What to do if You’re Struggling to Get Deals from Cold Calling!

Cold calling works. We use it in our business to lock up deals month after month. And I know many other investors who do this as well. So if it’s not working for you in your business right now… …then it’s time to start making adjustments to your approach. Checkout today’s NLREI podcast episode to… Read More

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