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How to Get Off the Income Rollercoaster and Build Consistent Monthly Income!

Is your wholesaling income up one month only to be down the next? If the answer is yes, today’s NLREI podcast will teach you exactly how to break this nasty cycle, so you can build consistent monthly income!

REI Secrets: How to Get More Leads & Close More Deals with Joe McCall!

I’ve known Joe McCall for close to 15 years. He’s done hundreds of real estate deals himself and he’s helped thousands of other investors do deals of their own as well. I invited him onto today’s NLREI podcast episode to share everything he’s doing in his business right now to get more leads & close… Read More

5 Secret Lead Sources Most Wholesalers Completely Ignore!

Finding sellers that no other wholesaler is talking to is not as hard as it sounds. We encounter this in our office all the time. In today’s NLREI podcast episode, you’ll learn 5 secret lead sources most wholesalers completely ignore!

What I Do When I Find Out I’m Competing with Other Wholesalers for a Property!

You should place a high-value dollar amount on YOUR TIME. So if sellers plan to shop your offer, you should handle this in a particular way. Otherwise, you’ll just end up wasting a lot of time competing over SCRAPS. In today’s NLREI podcast episode, you’ll learn what I do when I find out I’m competing… Read More

How to Get Wealthy Wholesaling Real Estate!

Someone recently asked me how to get wealthy wholesaling real estate. My answer was there are just 3 steps to follow. Here’s a short video I just recorded that walks you through them.

How to Mentally Prepare Sellers to Accept a Low Dollar Offer!

Even motivated sellers can experience sticker shock. This means despite whatever pressing need they have to sell, they’re still expecting offers on their property to be at or above a certain amount. In today’s NLREI podcast episode, you’ll learn how to mentally prepare sellers to accept a low dollar offer! This technique comes directly from… Read More

How to Breakout of Your Comfort Zone and Reach Your Next Level in Business!

One of my private clients recently had one of his trusted cash buyers refuse a deal because the assignment fee was greater than his own anticipated profit. The easy thing to do in this situation would be to give into the buyers demands, so you don’t risk upsetting the relationship and you can close on… Read More

How to Hire Local Drivers to Find Smoking Hot Wholesale Deals for You!

Driving for dollars is one of the best marketing channels out there right now. But if you’re like me, getting behind the wheel of your car and personally looking for deals isn’t an option. Fortunately, you can easily find people to do this for you. There’s even a way to do it where you pay… Read More

How to Get Sellers to Agree to Do Business Before You Even Go on the Appointment!

Most wholesalers are afraid to ask the tough questions because they’re afraid of the seller’s response… …but what they really should be afraid of is wasting their VALUABLE TIME on tire kickers and unmotivated sellers! In today’s NLREI podcast episode, you’ll learn how to get sellers to agree to do business before you even go… Read More

What You Should Say if the Seller Says No!

Most sellers you talk to are going to say no. But one major difference between broke wholesalers and the ones who earn six and seven figures… …is what happens after the seller says it. In today’s NLREI podcast episode, you’ll learn what you should say if the seller says no!

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