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9 Ways You Can Find a Monster Wholesale Deal by the End of this Year!

Fight until you hear the bell ring! Yes, the year is almost over… and the holidays are rapidly approaching… …but none of that should stop you from hustling for that next MONSTER WHOLESALE DEAL! If you don’t lock one up, then someone else will! In today’s NLREI episode, you’ll learn 9 ways you can find… Read More

[Case Study] A $100K Wholesale Deal that Even a Newbie Can Do!

There’s no rule that says you have to start out doing $5K or $10K wholesale deals. You also don’t need to “work your way up” to five-figure wholesale deals. Your very first deal can be for $100K! It’s simply a matter of mindset and strategy. In today’s NLREI episode, you’ll hear a case study of… Read More

Why You Should NEVER Rehab a House (and Do this Instead)!

Wholesalers make their money from marketing and sales. The more you focus on the “real estate” in real estate investing… …the LESS MONEY YOU’LL MAKE! I was recently reminded of this simple truth in my own wholesaling business, which you’ll hear about in today’s NLREI episode as you learn why you should NEVER rehab a… Read More

3 Secrets to Regularly Closing $100K+ Wholesale Deals!

Do you think closing a $100K wholesale deal is any harder than a $5K or $10K one? If you do, then do yourself a favor and listen to today’s episode at least TWICE! Not only is it harder to negotiate small deals… …but the seller is usually much more difficult to deal with throughout closing…. Read More

How to Start a Highly Profitable Wholesaling Business in 2021 (a Step-by-Step Guide)!

There’s a lot of noise out there, so I wanted to get back to the basics. If you’re struggling to get your wholesaling business off the ground right now, then today’s NLREI episode is for you! In this episode, you’ll learn a step-by-step guide for starting a highly profitable wholesaling business in 2021!

Want to be Great…Prepare for the Hate!

No one likes to be left behind. And whether conscious or unconscious, some lash out when they feel people around them start to slip away. So as someone who’s committed to reaching that NEXT LEVEL… you should not only come to expect this… …but you should also have a plan for dealing with it in… Read More

[Case Study] How I Acquired a Rental Property with Zero Down and Zero Interest Using Seller Financing!

Real estate investing offers both a long and a short game. Are you playing both? Some deals don’t come with a short-term payoff… …but there’s still SERIOUS MONEY to be made over the long haul. In today’s NLREI podcast episode, you’ll learn how I acquired a rental property with zero down and zero interest using… Read More

[Case Study] How I Turned a Deal Others Passed on into an $87K Lease Options Deal!

Do you want to become the kind of real estate investor that can profit from a deal regardless of the situation? If so, then you must master MORE THAN ONE exit strategy. I’m sure you’ve come across sellers who want close to retail for their property. No matter! You can still PROFIT FIVE FIGURES from… Read More

How to Explode Your Monthly Cash Flow & Build Your Net Worth with Creative Real Estate Deals!

Have you ever come across a lead that was motivated to sell, but wouldn’t accept your offer because it was too low? More importantly, what did you do with the lead? If the answer is nothing… …then you could have just thrown away thousands of dollars in potential profit! Motivation is motivation… If a seller… Read More

10 Things You Can do to Feel and Sound More Confident when Talking to Motivated Sellers!

Sellers need certainty in order to sign on the dotted line with you. I’ll repeat that. They want CERTAINTY. Motivated sellers come to you with a problem… …and they want to KNOW that you can help them solve it. If you’re unsure of yourself or if you give the seller any doubts, it’s OVER. In… Read More

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