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Ask these Questions to Get Sellers to Sign on the Dotted Line!

Motivated sellers are natural procrastinators. It’s usually the reason their “motivated” in the first place. So how do you keep the seller’s stalls, delays and procrastination from keeping the deal from moving forward? You do it using the “power of the awkward ask.” In today’s NLREI podcast episode, you’ll learn what questions to ask to… Read More

5 Steps to Double (or Even Triple) Your Wholesaling Assignment Fees!

Think about all the work that goes into putting a wholesaling deal together from start to finish… I’m talking everything from putting your marketing plan together… to following up with leads… …and working with title/escrow to get the deal closed. Now think about the amount you’re CURRENTLY BEING PAID for all that work. Are you… Read More

Bitcoin vs. Real Estate Investing (Where to Invest Your Time and Money)

If you’ve been thinking of investing in cryptocurrencies, then today’s episode is for you! There’s no denying there’s a lot of money being made in cryptocurrencies right now… but how does it stack up against real estate investing?… …does one make more sense than the other? Find out in today’s NLREI podcast episode, where you’ll… Read More

The 30-Day Driving for Dollars Action Plan That’s Guaranteed to Generate a Deal!

Are you struggling to do deals in your business? One of the fastest (and lease expensive ways) I know to generate deals is by driving for dollars. I recently did a $16K deal without even leaving my own neighborhood. In today’s NLREI podcast episode, you’ll learn the 30-day driving for dollars action plan that’s guaranteed… Read More

How to Turn a Small Wholesale Deal into a Monster Profit!

What’s the fastest way to grow your income from your wholesaling business? Seriously… if you wanted to make an extra $10k, $20K or even $30K a month in wholesaling income… …how would you go about it? One way is to increase your marketing so you can generate more leads and close more deals. But the… Read More

How to Pay FULL Price for a Property and Still Make Money using Lease Options!

Have you ever come across a seller who’s motivated to sell NOW, but won’t accept your cash offer because it’s too low? If you’re regularly marketing for motivated sellers, then I’m bet you have! Some motivated sellers are willing to trade some of their equity for speed and convenience… …but there are plenty others who… Read More

This Success Habit Will Transform You into a Seven-Figure Wholesaler!

The ONE THING above anything else that determines if you’ll become a seven-figure wholesaler is your habits! Think about it… …your daily habits are either moving your closer or further away from what you want. In today’s NLREI podcast episode, you’ll learn a ONE success habit that will absolutely transform you into a seven-figure wholesaler!… Read More

You Can’t Catch Fish with Your Line Out of the Water (The Story Behind Two Monster Wholesale Deals)!

I was recently on a fishing trip with my family in south Florida where I was reminded of a very simple, yet POWERFUL life lesson… “You can’t catch fish with your line out of the water!” If you’re struggling to stay consistent in your wholesaling business or if you haven’t closed a deal in a… Read More

6 Ninja Tricks to Get Sellers Back After They Ghost You

What do you when a seller goes cold and you can no longer reach them? You can try calling or texting them over and over again… …but that almost never works. And do you know why? Because that’s what EVERYBODY does! In today’s NLREI podcast episode, you’ll learn 6 ninja tricks to get sellers back… Read More

9 Steps to Hire Your First Acquisitions Specialist

Nothing FREES YOU like hiring an acquisitions specialist. I made that decision in my wholesaling business many years ago and I’ve never looked back! But if you make the wrong hire, you could find yourself in a far worse place than where you started. In today’s NLREI podcast episode, you’ll learn 9 steps to hire… Read More

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