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How Josh Was Able to Quit His Sales Job to Pursue Wholesaling Full Time!

Josh began working in real estate by becoming a realtor, but quickly started experiencing burn out. A friend told him about wholesaling and he was instantly hooked. He closed his first deal for $25K and has been wholesaling part time around his job ever since. It was always his goal to work for himself full… Read More

What You Can Pay for a Novation vs. a Traditional Wholesale Deal!

A novation works similar to a traditional wholesale deal except instead of selling to a cash investor, you’re selling to a retail buyer. Unlike cash investors, who strictly buy for profit, retail buyers are looking for someplace to live, so they offer much higher prices, which means you can, too. Best of all, you can… Read More

5 Things Broke Wholesalers Do!

I’ve coached thousands of wholesalers over the years and I’ve noticed the ones who struggle have these 5 things in common. Checkout today’s NLREI podcast episode to find out 5 things broke wholesalers do and how you can avoid these costly mistakes in your own business!

How I Generated Over $400k in Revenue on a $5k Marketing Spend!

A few years ago, we acquired a local competitor’s wholesaling business in one of our markets. It was an excellent investment because we immediately started doing deals from a very inexpensive marketing channel the previous owner had set up but that we had never used before ourselves. We went on to generate over $400k in… Read More

3 Tips for Wholesaling in a Declining Market!

Succeeding in business over the long term requires that you recognize the current economic season and respond accordingly. Otherwise, you could end up doing the right thing, but at the wrong time, and your business begins to suffer. In today’s NLREI podcast episode, you’ll learn 3 tips for wholesaling in a declining market!

How Kris Doubled His Wholesaling Business in the Last 12 Months!

Despite working hard to put himself through law school, Kris quickly started feeling burnt out working as an attorney. He always had an interest in real estate, so he started sending out mailers. It wasn’t long after that he closed his first deal and today his wholesaling business is on track to do a million… Read More

Why I Would Completely Dominate if I Moved to Your Market and How You Can, Too!

People tell me all the time about why they can’t seem to get ahead in real estate. And while we all have our limitations in one way or another… …those limitations are never what’s really holding us back. Success is a mindset. Successful people will always find a way to come out on top no… Read More

How Pat Closed $160k from Novation Deals Over the Last Two Months!

Massive, imperfect action is what separates wholesalers who succeed early and often from the ones who struggle to do deals. My guest on today’s show is a great example of this. Pat locked up her first novation deal before she understood exactly how the whole process works. Her attitude was, “I’ll just lock it up… Read More

How to Put Together a Novation Dream Team with Little to No Upfront Cost!

Just like with traditional wholesaling, you’ll go much further, faster doing novations when you surround yourself with a dream team. And best of all, you don’t actually need to spend much money to do it! In today’s NLREI podcast episode, you’ll learn how to put together a novation dream team with little to no upfront… Read More

4 Ways to Find Smoking Hot Novation Deals!

If your wholesaling business is struggling right now, then novation deals can change that. Cash buyers have all but disappeared in most markets, but retail buyers are still there… …and they’re still buying! In today’s NLREI podcast episode, you’ll learn 4 ways to find smoking hot novation deals, so you can cash in on the… Read More

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