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The Five-Figure Exit Strategy when Your Seller’s Asking Price is too High

Have you ever locked up a deal you couldn’t profitably sell to a cash buyer because there wasn’t enough spread? Or worse… Have you ever passed on a deal because there wasn’t enough spread at the price the seller was asking? There’s a little-known exit strategy we use to close deals like this that generates… Read More

The Top 4 Exit Strategies We Use to Maximize Profit on Each Deal

You don’t just make money when you negotiate how much to pay for a property. You also make money when you DECIDE on which an exit strategy to use. Think about that for a moment… you don’t treat every seller the same… …and you shouldn’t treat dispositions for each property the same either. If you… Read More

My $16k Driving for Dollars Case Study!

Have you ever noticed a vacant or dilapidated house when you’re out and about? Better yet… …do you make any attempt to reach the owner, so you can make an offer on the property? If you’re not, you’re giving deals away to your competition! Technology is made it easier than ever to find out who… Read More

3 Tips for Staying Motivated While Building Your Wholesaling Business!

Success is never a straight line. There are innumerable obstacles, detours and distractions along the way. So what’s the key to STAYING MOTIVATED throughout all of this… …the answer may surprise you! In today’s NLREI podcast episode, you’ll learn 3 tips for staying motivated while building your wholesaling business! You absolutely can build your business… Read More

7 Things Your Closing Company Should Do for YOU that Saves Time, Money & Energy!

The closing company you work with on your wholesale deals is a part of your team. Think about that for a moment… This means, just like with any other team member, their impact is either making your business process BETTER or WORSE. A top-performing closing company will push your deals to close, which puts money… Read More

How to Net an Extra $10-15k on Your Wholesale Deals by Partnering with R.E. Agents

Every wholesaler needs a cash buyers list. But this doesn’t necessarily make it the most PROFITABLE way to sell your deals. The key to maximum profit is competition… …this means you need as many potential buyers seeing your deals as possible. So if you only market to your own cash buyers list, you’re limiting competition…… Read More

How to Train Cash Buyers to Pay You TOP Dollar for Wholesale Deals

You work hard for your wholesale deals… you spend money to acquire the leads… …you spend time nurturing those leads…negotiating with sellers…and closing deals. So don’t give away too much of your HARD EARNED PROFIT to cash buyers. In today’s episode, you’ll learn how to train cash buyers to pay you TOP dollar for wholesale… Read More

Every Successful Real Estate Investor I Know Possesses These Two Characteristics Pt. 2

The three images below hang on the wall in my office… …more on that in a moment… In part 1 of this series, we talked about the power of urgency, which is absolutely ESSENTIAL for getting your ideas off the ground. But in order to successfully see them through to completion, you need one other… Read More

Every Successful Real Estate Investor I Know Possesses These Two Characteristics Pt. 1

I want you to think about the progress you’ve made in your real estate business over the last 6 months… really think about it for a moment… Are you satisfied with where you stand? If the answer is no, I get it… …we all fall short from time to time. But I want you to… Read More

How to Overcome the Price Objection Pt. 2

Meeting face-to-face with sellers gives you the best chance of locking up the deal. There’s no two ways about it. But this doesn’t necessarily mean you should set an appointment with every seller you speak to. Not only would this waste your time, it would also keep you away from sellers who are truly motivated…. Read More

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