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Should You Wholesale Virtually or Stay in Your Local Market?

Here’s a story I hear all the time: “I sent out some marketing. I got some calls, but NO deals. My local market is just too competitive, so I’m better off wholesaling virtually.” Not so fast… …the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. There are several things to consider before making a decision… Read More

The 7 Step Social Media Action Plan for Exploding Your Wholesaling Income!

How do you currently use social media? Be honest… Do you use it to build your INCOME and net worth… …or is it giant distraction that gets in the way of the results you want most out of your business? Take this opportunity–RIGHT NOW–to decide what impact social media will have in your business. Will… Read More

[Case Study] How We Recently Closed a $71k Deal Using a Completely FREE Lead Source!

Most wholesalers use the EXACT same lead sources. Lots of wholesalers using the same lead sources means lots of COMPETITION. In today’s NLREI podcast episode, you’ll hear a case study about how recently closed a $71k deal using a lead source that’s not only completely FREE, but one that’s also shielded from the competition!

[Case Study] How a $20k Wholesale Deal Came to Us on a Silver Platter!

Networking generates deals. The greater your network, the greater the number of deals you’ll do. Best of all, you can INCREASE YOUR BOTTOM LINE and do more deals this way without spending a single dime more in marketing. Think about it… No amount of marketing you do will ever penetrate every corner of the market…. Read More

Control Your Emotions, Control Your Income!

‘Data, not drama.’ This is one of our company values. Data is numbers and facts. Drama is emotional perception that’s often based on the HIGHS or LOWS of the moment. Making decisions based on drama stunts forward momentum. It’s what’s keeping your business from leveling up. In today’s NLREI podcast episode, you’ll learn how controlling… Read More

Why Every Entrepreneur Needs a Strong Sense of Urgency!

Having a strong sense of urgency can mean the difference between getting paid TODAY… …or getting paid 3 weeks from now! Sellers, cash buyers, vendors and other members of your team all have their own timelines. If you’re OK waiting 3 weeks to get paid, then work on their timelines. But if you want to… Read More

15 ‘Tiebreakers’ that Make Sellers Choose You Over the Competition!

Every interaction you have with sellers leaves an impression. I’m talking about everything from the messages you leave on their phone… …to things you say as you’re walking the property with them. So here’s my question to you: Are you carefully crafting the impression you have on sellers or are you leaving this to chance?… Read More

[Case Study] How Buying a Deal Ourselves (instead of Wholesaling it) More than Doubled Our Profit with Minimal Risk!

Flipping properties to our cash buyers generates quick profit… But our largest profits have come from deals we bought ourselves (with minimal risk) and re-sold for MASSIVE PAYDAYS! Making more money in your wholesaling business isn’t just about doing MORE DEALS… …it’s also about making more from the deals you’re ALREADY DOING! It’s time to… Read More

Do this to Make Success in Your Wholesaling Business Inevitable!

Success is business—just like in life—comes down to YOUR habits. But just having good habits is NOT enough. You must be constantly measuring the effectiveness of your habits and making adjustments as needed. Otherwise, you could spend a lot of time doing things you “think” are important, but that really aren’t taking you closer to… Read More

10 Ways to Raise Money to Fund Your Real Estate Deals!

We recently got a call from a seller late on a Friday afternoon. The seller had a moving truck parked in their driveway and wanted to sell right NOW… not in a week or two… …but now! Sure, we could have locked up the property and quickly wholesaled it. But the house was in great… Read More

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