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Why Every Entrepreneur Needs a Strong Sense of Urgency!

Having a strong sense of urgency can mean the difference between getting paid TODAY… …or getting paid 3 weeks from now! Sellers, cash buyers, vendors and other members of your team all have their own timelines. If you’re OK waiting 3 weeks to get paid, then work on their timelines. But if you want to… Read More

15 ‘Tiebreakers’ that Make Sellers Choose You Over the Competition!

Every interaction you have with sellers leaves an impression. I’m talking about everything from the messages you leave on their phone… …to things you say as you’re walking the property with them. So here’s my question to you: Are you carefully crafting the impression you have on sellers or are you leaving this to chance?… Read More

[Case Study] How Buying a Deal Ourselves (instead of Wholesaling it) More than Doubled Our Profit with Minimal Risk!

Flipping properties to our cash buyers generates quick profit… But our largest profits have come from deals we bought ourselves (with minimal risk) and re-sold for MASSIVE PAYDAYS! Making more money in your wholesaling business isn’t just about doing MORE DEALS… …it’s also about making more from the deals you’re ALREADY DOING! It’s time to… Read More

Do this to Make Success in Your Wholesaling Business Inevitable!

Success is business—just like in life—comes down to YOUR habits. But just having good habits is NOT enough. You must be constantly measuring the effectiveness of your habits and making adjustments as needed. Otherwise, you could spend a lot of time doing things you “think” are important, but that really aren’t taking you closer to… Read More

10 Ways to Raise Money to Fund Your Real Estate Deals!

We recently got a call from a seller late on a Friday afternoon. The seller had a moving truck parked in their driveway and wanted to sell right NOW… not in a week or two… …but now! Sure, we could have locked up the property and quickly wholesaled it. But the house was in great… Read More

My #1 Asset Class for Exploding Your Net Worth!

I’m sure you pay close attention to whether your income is increasing year over year… …but are you doing the same for your net worth!? Real estate investing has both a long and a short game. You can radically transform your lifestyle TODAY by focusing on the short game. But if you want to ensure… Read More

Ask these Questions to Get Sellers to Sign on the Dotted Line!

Motivated sellers are natural procrastinators. It’s usually the reason their “motivated” in the first place. So how do you keep the seller’s stalls, delays and procrastination from keeping the deal from moving forward? You do it using the “power of the awkward ask.” In today’s NLREI podcast episode, you’ll learn what questions to ask to… Read More

5 Steps to Double (or Even Triple) Your Wholesaling Assignment Fees!

Think about all the work that goes into putting a wholesaling deal together from start to finish… I’m talking everything from putting your marketing plan together… to following up with leads… …and working with title/escrow to get the deal closed. Now think about the amount you’re CURRENTLY BEING PAID for all that work. Are you… Read More

Bitcoin vs. Real Estate Investing (Where to Invest Your Time and Money)

If you’ve been thinking of investing in cryptocurrencies, then today’s episode is for you! There’s no denying there’s a lot of money being made in cryptocurrencies right now… but how does it stack up against real estate investing?… …does one make more sense than the other? Find out in today’s NLREI podcast episode, where you’ll… Read More

The 30-Day Driving for Dollars Action Plan That’s Guaranteed to Generate a Deal!

Are you struggling to do deals in your business? One of the fastest (and lease expensive ways) I know to generate deals is by driving for dollars. I recently did a $16K deal without even leaving my own neighborhood. In today’s NLREI podcast episode, you’ll learn the 30-day driving for dollars action plan that’s guaranteed… Read More

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