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NLP 024: How to Explode Your Cash Buyers List in 2016 Part 1

Click here to download the cash buyer questionnaire Want to Learn My Exact Step-by-Step Blueprint for Creating a Six Figure Wholesaling Business? Join me on a FREE training webinar: “Motivated Sellers On Demand: 5 Steps to Six Figures on Autopilot!”

NLP 023 – One of My Best Cash Buyers Shares His Secrets for a Profitable Rehab!

Pat Cleary is one of my best cash buyers in my wholesaling business. I was talking to him recently about his fix & flip business and I was blown away by what he had to say.  I knew instantly I had to get him on the podcast, so he could share his expertise on how… Read More

NLP 022: Do or Die – 90 Days to a Life Without Limits Part 9

  In this episode, Tom shares his BEST PERFORMING mailing list! Seriously, not only does Tom get the most DEALS from this list, but he also makes the most PROFIT from it as well. Tom also shares the personal mailing house he’s using for sending out his letters and postcards. WANT TO LEARN THE EXACT… Read More

NLP 021: Do or Die – 90 Days to a Life Without Limits Part 8

In this episode, my most successful student, Tom Krul, gives us an update on his business. Tom also shares what he considers to be his number one secret for going from a complete newbie to making your first $250K wholesaling. WANT TO LEARN THE EXACT BLUEPRINT I GAVE TOM THAT LAUNCHED HIS SIX FIGURE WHOLESALING… Read More

What To Do When Your Mailing Campaign Bombs

How to bounce back from a direct mail campaign flop, and dominate your real estate market…   IN THIS EPISODE: 00:57 How to get money out of EVERY mailing campaign 01:44 The four factors for evaluating your direct mail campaign 02:26 The secret to dominating your real estate market DOWNLOAD THE PDF TRANSCRIPT CLICK TO… Read More

Leadership In Your Wholesale Real Estate Business

A Better Way to Lead & Scale Your Wholesaling Business… IN TODAY’S EPISODE: 00:42 How to make $96,000 a week, with a team doing everthing 01:30 My new favorite quote 02:43 Who you should be hiring to build your wholesaling business… DOWNLOAD PDF TRANSCRIPT CLICK TO TWEET…  #NoLimitsRealEstateInvesting    “The trait of a good leader… Read More

How To Maximize Your Marketing Channels: Wholesaling Real Estate

[Video] How To Measure The Success Of Your Team How To Scale Your Wholesaling Business Part 7

Building a 7 Figure Wholesaling Business by the Numbers… IN TODAY’S EPISODE: 00:39 The danger of automating your real estate business 01:19 How many calls to make every day 02:21 How to turn your dead leads into cash in the bank DOWNLOAD PDF TRANSCRIPT CLICK TO TWEET THIS… 7 marketing metrics for scaling your business… Read More

[Video] Do More Deals Using A CRM Database: How To Scale Your Wholesale Business Part 5

How to use a CRM to Explode Your Business to Seven Figures… IN TODAY’S EPISODE: 00:47 Treat every lead like gold 00:57 Our favorite CRM 01:25 A REAL business… DOWNLOAD PDF TRANSCRIPT CLICK TO TWEET – THIS… No lead left behind! Buying or Selling a Home? Contact Us – WE Follow Up! Loving our new… Read More

[Video] How To Sky Rocket Your Wholesaling Business With Postcard Marketing Scaling your Wholesaling Business Part 4

How to Rocket Your Wholesaling Business with Postcard Marketing… [Scaling Your Wholesale Real Estate Business Part 4] IN TODAY’S EPISODE: 00:56 How much of your income to commit to mailing 01:49 How much to spend on postcards 02:09 The best way to generate leads… DOWNLOAD PDF TRANSCRIPT TWEET THIS… I’m hardcore mailing “Scale up, scale… Read More

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