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NLP 050: How to Make Your Business Fly Like a B52 Bomber Pt. 2

If you listened to episode one, you know which numbers to track for your business to fly like a B52 bomber! But just knowing what to track isn’t enough. Pilots are forced to course correct constantly in order to reach their intended destination. Running a wholesaling business is no different. If you want your business… Read More

NLP 049: How to Make Your Business Fly Like a B52 Bomber!

Knowing your numbers is a must. Without them, your business will eventually crash and burn! Like many entrepreneurs, I once struggled to stay on top of the numbers in my business, but not because I didn’t recognize their importance. It just wasn’t my skill set. And if you’re anything like me, it’s probably not your… Read More

NLP 048: How to End a Dry Spell and Immediately Start Closing More Wholesale Deals!

Are you struggling to close enough deals to meet your income goals so far in 2020? If you are, here’s something to keep in mind… Progress is not automatic. Just because your day is filled with activity, doesn’t mean you’re getting closer to where you want to be. In today’s episode, you’ll learn how to… Read More

NLP 047: The Secret to Making “Low Ball” Offers without Blowing Your Chance with the Seller!

More often than not, you’re going to find yourself competing with other wholesalers. But here’s the fatal flaw most wholesalers make that absolutely KILLS their income… They know the seller is getting multiple offers on their property, so they immediately start negotiating on the super low end of their expected profit. I don’t know about… Read More

NLP 046: How to Keep Sellers from Wanting to Back Out of the Deal!

Ok, so you’ve just locked up a FIVE FIGURE wholesale deal… What now? If you’ve ever gone fishing than you know getting a fish on the line and actually reeling that baby in are two totally separate things! There’s nothing worse than locking up a deal with a HUGE PROFIT potential only to have the… Read More

NLP 045: Three “Master” Negotiation Secrets that Get Sellers to Sign on the Dotted Line!

Most sellers you talk to won’t do business with you right away. You can expect any number of obstacles to come between you and a signed contract including seller objections, delays, competing bids, etc. In today’s episode, you’ll three master negotiation secrets to ABSOLUTELY CRUSH any obstacle a seller throws your way, so you can… Read More

NLP 044: The Secret to Edging Out Every Other Wholesaler in Your Market!

Remember back when you would get calls from sellers and you were the only investor they were talking to? Well, guess what? Those days are all but OVER! Even if a seller doesn’t admit they’re talking to other investors, you can BET they are! In today’s episode, you’ll learn the secret to edging out every… Read More

NLP 043: The Secret to Earning 10x Returns on Your Marketing!

Are you struggling to make back what you’ve spent in marketing? Your business and your income can not grow until you consistently make back more than you spend in marketing, so you can re-invest a portion of the difference. In today’s episode, you’ll learn the secret to earning 10x returns on every marketing dollar spent,… Read More

NLP 042: My #1 Hack for Turning “Dead” Leads into an Extra $100K+ Profit Every Year!

No one likes to be sold to. Sellers are no different, which is why some refuse to offer any information that could compromise their position. This means even the most motivated of sellers could appear unmotivated when you speak to them. In today’s episode, you’ll learn my number one hack for turning these “dead” sounding… Read More

NLP 041: 3 Fatal Flaws that Are Killing Your Wholesale Deals!

If you can’t effectively negotiate with sellers, then you’re putting the longevity of your business at risk. In this episode, you’ll learn three fatal flaws that are killing your wholesale deals and how you can avoid them, so you can start earning more money today without spending another dime on advertising!

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