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NLP 012 Five Figure Paycheck Wholesaling and a FREE car

Today’s show is another case study. I love dissecting recent deals because it’s a fantastic way to learn. If you take massive action, these deals are major financial game changers! In this episode you’re going to learn how to control a property without cash, credit or experience and subsequently sell it for a five-figure profit…. Read More

NLP 011 How to Create Passive Cash Flow Using Lease Options

In This Episode of the No Limits Investing Podcast, we are going to get our hands dirty and look at a case study of a real deal done in my local market of San Diego. Before you say. “I can’t do this in my market”… think again.  These deals can be done in any market… Read More

NLP 010 How to Maximize Your Value and Profit When Meeting With A Motivated Seller

I still remember my first real estate deal like it was yesterday.  I had no cash, credit, experience, or real estate knowledge.  I had picked up a book on real estate, mailed some letters out,  finally found a motivated seller!  My hands were shaking, my heart was beating through my chest, and I was so… Read More

NLP 009 The Wholesale Rehab Option- A Killer Real Estate Investing Strategy That Nobody Knows About

In this episode you are going to learn killer strategy that I am using to absolutely crush it in this market.  I have been keeping this little strategy to myself for a while now because I wanted to share my results with you once I had collected a few five-figure paychecks.  The results are in……. Read More

NLP 008 Wholesaling Real Estate: How A Complete Newbie Raked in 73K His First Six Months In Real Estate

Have you ever wondered what the feel of your first 10K in real estate would feel like? In this show you are going to get an awesome education from a new investor who is cleaning up in my market. You will meet a man who follows the motto “Never, Never, Never Quit”. The bold and… Read More

NLP 007 Sean Terry Flip2Freedom How To Flip Houses In your Spare Time

Today’s episode is going to a special episode with a real ROCK star in the real estate business.  For those of you who don’t know Sean Terry, you are in for a real treat. Back in 2003, Sean decided he wanted to get out of his “brain dead” job while listening to a radio informercial…. Read More

NLP 006 Finding Tenant Buyers Who Will Give You Cash

In this episode you will learn how to find tenant buyers who will give you cash.  You will also learn the following: – Where you must advertise and why it’s not where you think -The three key words to finding a tenant buyer -Why using your cell phone is a death sentence – The ultra… Read More

NLP 005 Cranking Up The Marketing Machine: Finding Motivated Sellers Who Will Beg You To Buy Their Property

Finding Motivated Sellers Who Will Beg You To Buy Their Property

NLP 004: Student Case Study: Getting To Your First Check As Fast As Possible

Learn how a new real estate investor got his first check in 90 days and how you can too! In this episode you will learn how a new investor stuggled in his first few months trying to escape the rate rate.  Justin is going to teach you he got his first check, but also nabs… Read More

NLP 003 The Fastest Easiest Way To A Five Figure Paycheck

Learn How to Make 10K a month flipping Lease Option Contacts This episode is one of my favorite topics.  In this episode I am going to teach you how to sell contracts without ever dealing with a tenant.  If you market the right way, doing these deals are one of the fastest ways to make… Read More

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