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When to Get Off the Phone and Meet the Seller in Person!

We have very specific guidelines for setting up in-person appointments in our company. And you should, too. Because on one hand, you don’t want to waste your valuable time… but on the other… …you can do much bigger deals when you’re in person. So when exactly does it make sense to get off the phone… Read More

5 Ways to Close Motivated Sellers Who Say They Aren’t Ready to Sell Now!

Many motivated sellers you talk to won’t be ready to pull the trigger today. You know they’re going to pull the trigger eventually… …but they say they aren’t ready yet. So what do you do? In today’s NLREI podcast episode, you’ll learn 5 ways to close motivated sellers who aren’t ready to sell without being… Read More

How to Hire an Acquisitions Rep When You Don’t Feel Ready or Even if You’re Brand New!

Don’t do what I did. I waited until I was practically burnt out until making my first hire in acquisitions. Worse, it was my fear that kept me from making this HUGE STEP FORWARD in my business. If you’ve been thinking about making a hire, but you’re feeling unsure, then today’s NLREI podcast episode is… Read More

What to do if You’re Broke and Want to Do Deals!

Money is just a resource. So if you’re lacking in this one resource… …then you just have to find another! Today’s NLREI podcast episode will show how!

How to Put Together a Direct Mail Calendar that Generates a Steady Flow of Leads and Deals!

When done correctly, direct mail is one of the best marketing channels for generating a steady flow of leads and deals. The first step to doing it right is putting together a mail calendar. Checkout today’s NLREI podcast episode to find out exactly how we do this in our business to generate six-figure wholesale deals… Read More

[Case Study] How Joseph & Ryan Made Over $300k by Getting One Seller to Keep Coming Back 11 Times!

Some sellers own more than just property. And if they’re motivated to sell one… then chances are… …they’re motivated to sell others. But don’t just assume because the seller brought you one property that it automatically means they’ll bring you them all. Checkout today’s NLREI podcast episode to find out how Joseph & Ryan made… Read More

How to Get Sellers to Sign the Contract When You’re Not there in Person!

Sellers need to see legitimacy from you before signing on the dotted line. You automatically gain a certain level of legitimacy when you meet the seller in person, so when this isn’t an option, you have to find other ways to establish it. In today’s NLREI podcast episode, you’ll learn several strategies to build trust… Read More

How to Buy a House in Probate Before the Seller has the Deed!

The fattest, juicy wholesale spreads (I’m talking $40k, $50k, $60k or above)… …are usually the result of solving BIG PROBLEMS! That’s why I love doing deals with sellers trying to navigate their way through the probate process. In today’s NLREI podcast episode, you’ll learn how to buy a house in probate before the seller has… Read More

[Case Study] Here’s How to Deals with $50k Spreads in Almost any Market!

If you think you can only do deals with $50k spreads in major markets, like New York or California, then today’s podcast episode is for you! Joseph and Ryan are back to breakdown one of their latest deals in Birmingham, Alabama with an expected profit of $50k!

How to ‘Keep the Line Tight’ with Motivated Sellers!

Has a seller ever said they needed to talk someone or figure something out before they could do a deal with you? Now you shouldn’t attempt to dissuade a seller from doing whatever they feel they have to do… …but this doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t have any input in the situation at all! In… Read More

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