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How I Teach My Kids about Money & Investing!

I don’t know if you have kids, but if you do (or you’re planning to), then I’m sure you want to teach them everything you can about money so they can master this area early in life. In today’s NLREI podcast episode, you’ll hear how I teach my kids about money and investing in hopes… Read More

8 Bad Habits Acquisitions Reps Develop Over Time that Cost You Time and Money!

Every acquisitions rep in my company is trained on how to handle leads. Now do they always follow their training? No, they don’t. Recently, we almost lost out on a $50k assignment fee because one of our reps failed to follow up properly. It doesn’t matter how long you trained them in the beginning or… Read More

Here’s How to Respond when a Landlord Wants to Talk to their Tenant about Buying the Property!

Has a landlord ever told you their tenant wants to buy the property and they need to talk to them first before moving forward? Most wholesalers respond the wrong way in this scenario because they’re scared of losing the deal to the tenant. But the reality is… …if it’s going to happen, then it’s going… Read More

Here’s How Much You Need to Start Investing in Mobile Home Parks!

My first investment in a mobile home park was in a property I didn’t own. I simply partnered with a more experienced investor and I’m still earning above average returns on my investment to this day. If you want to invest in mobile home parks, but aren’t sure about the costs, then today’s NLREI podcast… Read More

[Case Study] Most Investors Would’ve Wholesaled this for $30k, but We Made $90k Doing this Instead!

Consistent marketing pays off! We recently received a call from a woman who’s husband was sentenced to prison for a long time. All she wanted was a fast, easy sale, so she could move on with her life. In this business, this is what you call a lay down. They don’t happen often, but when… Read More

How to Blow Up Your Personal Finances in 2024 (Pt. 2)!

More money won’t solve most people’s money problems. This is why I started with the “defensive” side of blowing up your personal finances in part one of this series. But at some point, you do need to go on the offensive, which means flat out making more money. Checkout today’s NLREI podcast episode for part… Read More

How to Blow Up Your Personal Finances in 2024 (Pt. 1)!

Mastering your personal finances is good business. Show me an entrepreneur who’s strapped for cash in their personal life and I’ll show you one who’s also strapped for cash in their business. The way you handle your personal finances will almost always mirror the way you do it in business, so if you master one,… Read More

4 Signs Your Deal is about to go South and What You Can Do about It!

Have you ever lost a wholesale deal? If so, did you notice any warning signs before things started falling apart? In my experience, there are almost always warnings, which means if you want to protect both the time and money you have invested in your deals, then you need to become an expert at recognizing… Read More

This is How to Nurture Leads and Build a Pipeline!

Not long ago I got a text asking if I was interested in selling one of my rental properties. I responded, “Yes. I would like to sell a property by the end of the week. I’m desperate.” Guess what happened next… …nothing! I didn’t receive a phone call or even a return text. Your competition… Read More

The Top 4 Characteristics of Wealthy Entrepreneurs!

Being an entrepreneur takes vision. It takes courage. And it takes hunger. But those characteristics basically just get you in the door. Meaning, having what it takes to start a business isn’t necessarily enough to make you wealthy at it. If you want to become a wealthy entrepreneur, then you need to adopt other characteristics… Read More

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