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What to Do If You’re Getting Outbid on Properties!

Every wholesaler must deal with competition from other investors… …but we’re not all dealing with it in the same way. Most wholesalers try to outbid everyone else as if they’re competing to see which investor can earn the least amount of money on the deal. We go for a different approach in our company, which… Read More

How Joseph & Ryan Went from Zero to $500k their First Year in Business!

Joseph and Ryan started their business by making cold calls inside a Panera Bread restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama. Fast forward 12 month later and they’d already done $500k in revenue! Checkout today’s NLREI podcast episode to find out exactly how they did it!

What to Do if a Seller’s Agent or Attorney Tries to Kill Your Deal!

Both real estate agents and attorneys commonly KILL DEALS. But there are steps you can take to keep this from happening, which start the moment the seller says they want to involve their agent or attorney. In today’s NLREI podcast episode, you’ll learn what you should do if a seller’s agent or attorney tries to… Read More

Why I Don’t Let Cold Callers or V.A.’s Make Offers Over the Phone!

We have a role in our company known as an acquisition development rep. or A.D.R. This person has many responsibilities when it comes to talking to sellers, but making offers isn’t one of them. Not only that… …we only consider applicants with specific language abilities for this position. And I recommend you do the same!… Read More

How to Get Smoking Hot Wholesale Deals from Real Estate Agents with ZERO Marketing Costs!

A listener reached out to me once and said they wanted to join our team. His name was Noah. Around that same time, I’d heard one of my cash buyers started buying properties from real estate agents and I wanted to try this strategy in our own business. So Noah came on board and started… Read More

How to Close Stuck Inheritance or Probate Deals with Multiple Decision Makers!

Most wholesalers don’t know how to PUSH THE SALE FORWARD. This is why I love “stuck” deals because it scares away the competition, so there’s an opportunity to earn huge spreads! The key is to understand what you, as the investor, must bring to the table. In today’s NLREI podcast episode, you’ll learn how to… Read More

How to Negotiate a Lower Price with a Seller!

Your skills as a negotiator are a big part of what determines the amount of money you make as a wholesaler. Most wholesalers leave thousands in potential profits on the table when negotiating with sellers either because they don’t know how to ask for big spreads… or worse… …they never ask at all! In today’s… Read More

How the Steady Stream of Quality Conversations Leads to Steady Profits!

I quickly noticed a pattern after building a team. Whenever one of our acquisitions rep’s revenues dipped, so did their number of calls. So we’ve been tracking the number of daily calls each our acquisitions team members make ever since. And should, too. It’s one of the best predictors of FUTURE INCOME! In today’s NLREI… Read More

Should You Switch to Another Market Because Yours is Too Competitive?

Yes, some markets are much more competitive than others. Competitive markets require larger marketing spends and have fewer distressed property owners… …but this doesn’t automatically mean the grass will be greener on the other side! In today’s NLREI podcast episode, you’ll discover one thing I recommend doing before making a switch.

How Mark Makes Over $100k a Year Wholesaling Around His Full Time Job!

Mark has a full-time job in corporate America. He knew he wanted to build wealth through real estate but he wasn’t ready to leave his job, so he started wholesaling after he got off from work. Despite his inexperience and limited hours, he closed his first deal for $50k! Checkout today’s NLREI podcast episode to… Read More

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