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How to Create a Winning Culture Inside Your Wholesaling Organization!

How would you describe the culture inside your wholesaling organization? Better yet, is it something you’re regularly striving to improve? You can get a lot of other things right when it comes to building your wholesaling dream team, but if don’t start off by establishing the right kind of culture, then the rest won’t matter… Read More

Ranking the Top 10 Marketing Channels from Worst to First!

Have you wondered what the best marketing channels are for targeting motivated sellers? If so, then today’s NLREI podcast episode is for you! Here are the top 10 marketing channels ranked from worst to first!

My Advice if You’re Struggling to Grow Past $25K a Month!

I see an epidemic in wholesaling right now, which is the $25k a month wholesaler. After starting from zero, this number may seem like a significant milestone… …but once you factor in expenses, $25k just isn’t enough to build the kind of monthly income or long-term wealth most wholesalers want to achieve. So it’s time… Read More

7 Deadly Sins to Avoid when Talking to Motivated Sellers!

Sometimes there’s just no coming back once you put something out there. For instance, if you give the seller any reason to think you can come up in price, then they’ll start renegotiating even if they were ready to move on before. This is why knowing what not to say when talking to motivated sellers… Read More

6 Things You Should Never Say to a Cash Buyer!

Saying the wrong thing to a cash buyer can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in profit. I’ve seen a lot of wholesalers do an awesome job at negotiating a huge spread for themselves on the front end… …only to give away most of it on the back end when they sell to their… Read More

6 Bad Habits that are Sabotaging Your Success!

I’ve coached thousands of real estate students over the years so I’ve seen just about every bad habit in business you can imagine. But there are about a half dozen I see all the time that really hold wholesalers back from the success they want to achieve in their businesses. Chances are one of them… Read More

6 Interview Questions You Must Ask Every Prospective Acquisitions Rep!

I’ve hired and trained dozens of acquisitions reps over the years. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve learned to avoid is hiring the wrong person in the wrong seat. If you want to avoid this costly mistake yourself, then need to ask the right questions in the interview… Read More

Understanding the Psychology of a Motivated Seller to Create Maximum Value and Profit!

Motivated sellers have a different psychology than other sellers. This is usually what causes them to become “motivated” in the first place. For example, even when they realize they should move on from their problem property, things like procrastination, fear and denial keep them stuck. This is where you come in. A motivated seller will… Read More

5 Power Questions that Will Completely Change Your Business and Add Another Zero to Your Income!

Each new level I’ve reached in business started with a question. When I was feeling overworked, stressed and burned out… …I asked myself if it’s time to start building a team. When my mind started shifting from the short to the long game… …I asked myself how could I create monthly passive income. If you’re… Read More

9 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Scaling My Wholesaling Company!

If you eventually want to scale your wholesaling business or if you’re in the process of doing so now, then today’s NLREI podcast episode is for you! There are several pitfalls to avoid as well as a few shortcuts I recommend taking if you want to reach your destination as quickly as possible and with… Read More

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