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How I Handle Leads from Online Sources like!

Talking to sellers from online lead sources, like, is similar to other lead source with a few exceptions. First, sellers who fill out forms online don’t always remember doing so and even if they do, sometimes they just flat out deny doing it. You can easily get around this by asking the right questions,… Read More

8 Simple Things that Make a Great First Impression with a Motivated Seller!

We all form a first impression of others in a matter of moments. More importantly, once our initial opinion is formed, it’s very unlikely to change. That’s why it’s critical to manage how sellers perceive you, so you instantly come across as someone they know, like and trust. In today’s NLREI podcast episode, you’ll learn… Read More

7 Ways to Instantly Propel Your Business Forward by Seeking Progress Instead of Perfection!

Money loves speed. This means you should execute like a maniac even when you don’t feel ready or think you know enough. If it seems like your business isn’t as far along as it should be based on how long you’ve been doing this… …then it’s probably because you’re not taking full advantage of the… Read More

5 Signs Your Wholesaling Business is Trending in the Wrong Direction!

Kill the monster while it’s little! When you put off solving problems, or worse, fail to even identify them in the first place, you put the longevity of your business at risk. Checkout today’s NLREI podcast episode to find out 5 signs your wholesaling business is trending in the wrong direction and what you should… Read More

How I Make Sellers an Offer and Why I don’t Use Any Sort of Presentation!

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “always be closing.” So what does it mean? It means everything you say and do during the sales process must be strategic. It means at every moment you’re walking sellers down a path by asking questions that get them to open up and make commitments. It means the seller… Read More

8 Bonus Offers that Sweeten the Deal, add More Value and Make You More Money!

People who sell to us are usually trying to solve a painful problem. But not all of them are fully resolved with quick cash and a fast close. Many sellers have other unmet needs—which if you offered a solution—would not only instantly set you apart from your competition, but would also add much more profit… Read More

The 6 Most Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned about Leadership!

Some of the greatest rewards I’ve experienced in my wholesaling business have come from building a team. But those rewards haven’t always come easy as they’ve always been in direct proportion to my ability to lead the people I brought onboard. And the same goes for you. If you want to experience everything that building… Read More

Why Your Minimum Profit Per Deal Needs to be at Least $35k!

What is your minimum profit per deal? Do you currently have one or are you just accepting whatever you can get on every deal? If you want to stay in business for the long run, not only do you need to operate with a minimum profit per deal, but it needs to be at least… Read More

How to Leave with a Contract on in-Person Appointment!

Most of our biggest deals have come from meeting sellers in person. Sure, you can do big deals over the phone… …but nothing beats sitting belly-to-belly with sellers because it magnifies the sales experience. This is why you want to focus heavily on a few key techniques when meeting with sellers. Checkout today’s NLREI podcast… Read More

Should You Hire Your Own Cold Callers or Use an Agency?

A listener recently asked me if they should hire their own cold callers or use an agency. If you’ve ever wondered this same thing, realize that you must understand a few things about yourself before you can really answer this question. Checkout today’s NLREI podcast episode to find out exactly what I mean…

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