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NLP 019 Do or Die 90 Days To A Life Without Limits Part 6

  This is the second to last episode of the Do or Die Series. Tom has grown his business from bankruptcy to six-figures within a 6 month period. In this episode we learn: – How to Mentor Bird Dogs to bring deals to you with ZERO cost out of pocket. – How to teach bird… Read More

NLP 018: Do or Die 90 Days To A Life Without Limits Part 5

– Why education doesn’t happen without massive action – How tom completes his future “multi-deal month” and you can to – How to run your wholesale business with little to no money and even if your “running on fumes” – How to break through a funk and have your business skyrocket – How to lock… Read More

NLP 017 Do or Die 90 Days To A Life Without Limits Part 4

In this episode we are neck deep in the series “Do or Die” 90 days to A Life Without Limits”. Tom lost his job and few months ago and is “going all in” on his real estate investing business. In this episode we will find out if Tom moves the first property that he has… Read More

NLP 016 Do or Die: 90 Days To A Life Without Limits Part 3

This is the 3rd episode in this series “Do or Die” where we interview a newbie who has just lost his job and is making a full blown effort into real estate investing. This is the breaking point where Tom decide whether to quit or keep on going. We don’t hold anything back!   In… Read More

NLP 015 Do or Die 90 Days To A Life Without Limits Part 2

This is Part II in our “Do or Die 90 Days To A Life Without Limits”.  In this episode you can join us on our 90 day challenge to do your first deal in 90 days. No matter where you are in life, you can do your first deal without cash, credit, significant risk, or… Read More

NLP 014 Do or Die: 90 Days To A Life Without Limits Part 1

This episode is the kickoff to a series of shows called “Do or Die: 90 Days To A Life Without Limits.” I am extremely excited to share with you the journey of Tom Krol who has lost his job and is forced to become a fulltime real estate investor. You’re going to hear the unscripted,… Read More

NLP 013: Getting Paid: How To Close Your Real Estate Investing Deals

Getting paid seamless and effortlessly through Escrow without cash, credit, or experience Here is what we cover in today’s show. Why you must ignore the advice of 99% of so called “real estate professionals” How To get paid with double closings and contract assignments How To Collect 5K non-refundable deposits from your buyer. When to… Read More

NLP 012 Five Figure Paycheck Wholesaling and a FREE car

Today’s show is another case study. I love dissecting recent deals because it’s a fantastic way to learn. If you take massive action, these deals are major financial game changers! In this episode you’re going to learn how to control a property without cash, credit or experience and subsequently sell it for a five-figure profit…. Read More

NLP 011 How to Create Passive Cash Flow Using Lease Options

In This Episode of the No Limits Investing Podcast, we are going to get our hands dirty and look at a case study of a real deal done in my local market of San Diego. Before you say. “I can’t do this in my market”… think again.  These deals can be done in any market… Read More

NLP 010 How to Maximize Your Value and Profit When Meeting With A Motivated Seller

I still remember my first real estate deal like it was yesterday.  I had no cash, credit, experience, or real estate knowledge.  I had picked up a book on real estate, mailed some letters out,  finally found a motivated seller!  My hands were shaking, my heart was beating through my chest, and I was so… Read More

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