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How to Effectively Manage Entrepreneurial A.D.D.!

Entrepreneurial A.D.D. is actually a superpower! It’s true. The same force that pulls you in multiple directions at once is the same one you use to break through barriers that stop almost everyone else. So your goal shouldn’t be to rid yourself of your entrepreneurial A.D.D., but rather, to harness its power. In today’s NLREI… Read More

6 Lessons I’ve Learned Investing in Mobile Home Parks!

There’s a long and a short game when it comes to real estate investing. Are playing both? Meaning, are you taking some of your active income from wholesaling and re-investing it into assets that generate passive income? If not, then today’s NLREI podcast episode can help you start investing in one of my favorite long-term… Read More

[Deal or No Deal] How to Make $50k on a Deal Where the Seller Doesn’t Have Title!

Have you ever come across a deal that requires an upfront commitment of both time and money on your part? We recently got a call off a three-year-old postcard from a guy whose mother had just passed away but he didn’t have the money or knowledge to navigate the probate process. Not to mention he… Read More

[Deal or No Deal] How to Make $60k off a Deal on the MLS with Zero Marketing Costs!

Has a seller ever reached out to you but their house was listed on the MLS? We recently met with a seller whose property was listed for $675k on the MLS but hadn’t sold after 6 months. We offered the seller $400k but she refused. However, she was willing to accept $500k. So is it… Read More

[Deal or No Deal] How I Plan to Make Over $3 Million on One of the Toughest Deals I’ve Ever Seen!

Have you ever come across a deal you wanted to pass on because of the amount of work involved? I recently came across a deal that was in such rough shape that someone refused to accept it as a donation. So is it a deal or no deal? Checkout today’s NLREI podcast episode to find… Read More

[Deal or No Deal] How to Make $132k on a Deal with NO Equity!

Have you ever come across a seller who has real motivation, but not enough equity for a traditional wholesale deal? We recently came across a highly-motivated seller who owed $270k on a house that’s only worth about $330k. So is it a deal or no deal? The sellers rejected our initial $210k cash offer, but… Read More

6 Success Traps Every Wholesaler Needs to Watch Out for!

Success often becomes the enemy of more success. Meaning, success can lock you into certain ways of thinking that limit growth… or worse… …it can completely distract you from the things that made you successful in the first place. I’ve fallen prey to this myself many times before and my business has suffered for it…. Read More

6 Ways to Upgrade Your Peer Group!

Most of the real estate education content you hear focuses on strategy and tactics e.g., “Here’s the best CRM to use” “This marketing channel is better than that one or “This method will get you top dollar for your deals.” And while this type of information can have an enormous impact on your business, it’s… Read More

How to Completely Systemize Your Wholesaling Business!

What do you want your business to look like six months or a year from now? If part of your answer involves removing yourself from certain aspects of the business or freeing up more of your time, then it’s time to start systemizing. This is the only way to create the freedom and lifestyle you… Read More

Make an Extra $250k Using a Marketing Channel No One is Talking About!

The marketing channel in today’s NLREI podcast episode takes time to set up, so you may be tempted to put it off. But that would be a costly mistake! I’ve closed several five-figure wholesale deals over the last three years using this method and so can you! Here’s how to make an extra $250k using… Read More

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