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How to Train Cash Buyers to Pay You TOP Dollar for Wholesale Deals

You work hard for your wholesale deals… you spend money to acquire the leads… …you spend time nurturing those leads…negotiating with sellers…and closing deals. So don’t give away too much of your HARD EARNED PROFIT to cash buyers. In today’s episode, you’ll learn how to train cash buyers to pay you TOP dollar for wholesale… Read More

Every Successful Real Estate Investor I Know Possesses These Two Characteristics Pt. 2

The three images below hang on the wall in my office… …more on that in a moment… In part 1 of this series, we talked about the power of urgency, which is absolutely ESSENTIAL for getting your ideas off the ground. But in order to successfully see them through to completion, you need one other… Read More

Every Successful Real Estate Investor I Know Possesses These Two Characteristics Pt. 1

I want you to think about the progress you’ve made in your real estate business over the last 6 months… really think about it for a moment… Are you satisfied with where you stand? If the answer is no, I get it… …we all fall short from time to time. But I want you to… Read More

How to Overcome the Price Objection Pt. 2

Meeting face-to-face with sellers gives you the best chance of locking up the deal. There’s no two ways about it. But this doesn’t necessarily mean you should set an appointment with every seller you speak to. Not only would this waste your time, it would also keep you away from sellers who are truly motivated…. Read More

How to Overcome the Price Objection Pt. 1

Sellers rarely accept your first offer. It would be great if they did… …but lay downs in this business are few and far between. The only way to consistently get sellers to SIGN ON THE DOTTED LINE is to master overcoming objections. That’s what separates amateur wholesalers who close a deal every now and then… Read More

Cold Calling Secrets for Locking Up Five-Figure Wholesale Deals

We once locked up a deal from direct mail in Riverside, which is a few hours from our headquarters in San Diego. We hired a local field rep. to coordinate the inspection. Upon arriving at the property, the field rep. let us know the two neighboring properties to ours were vacant. Now don’t get me… Read More

How to Set Up Zero Cost Marketing Channels Using Joint Venture Partnerships

Let’s be honest about something for a minute… …there are no excuses in this business. None. And that’s what I love about it! If you don’t have enough leads in your business, for whatever reason… …whether you don’t have the funds to invest in marketing… …or if you’re just not interested in taking on the… Read More

Start Talking to Motivated Sellers Right Now with SMS Text Messaging

How many times per week are you having new conversations with fresh sellers leads? I want you to think about that number for a moment… …because it’s determining your INCOME. Wholesaling is a numbers game, so if you’re NOT closing enough deals, this is the first metric you need to change. The fastest way to… Read More

How to Find Monster Wholesale Deals with Direct Mail

Imagine you and I are talking face to face… …and you tell me you aren’t CLOSING enough wholesale deals each month. My immediate response to you would be this, “What are you doing for marketing?” I always start with marketing because if you’re not generating leads on a regular basis, you have NO BUSINESS. Wholesaling… Read More

How to Keep Money Flowing in from Your Real Estate Deals Even When You’re Not at Work Pt. 2

If you listened to part one in this series, you understand the importance of a long and a short game in real estate investing. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself cash rich at times, but ZERO-TO-NO net worth for the future… Or… Your net worth will grow steadily, but you’ll have almost NO CASH in the bank… Read More

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