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NLP 019 Do or Die 90 Days To A Life Without Limits Part 6

  This is the second to last episode of the Do or Die Series. Tom has grown his business from bankruptcy to six-figures within a 6 month period. In this episode we learn: – How to Mentor Bird Dogs to bring deals to you with ZERO cost out of pocket. – How to teach bird… Read More

NLP 018: Do or Die 90 Days To A Life Without Limits Part 5

– Why education doesn’t happen without massive action – How tom completes his future “multi-deal month” and you can to – How to run your wholesale business with little to no money and even if your “running on fumes” – How to break through a funk and have your business skyrocket – How to lock… Read More

NLP 017 Do or Die 90 Days To A Life Without Limits Part 4

In this episode we are neck deep in the series “Do or Die” 90 days to A Life Without Limits”. Tom lost his job and few months ago and is “going all in” on his real estate investing business. In this episode we will find out if Tom moves the first property that he has… Read More

NLP 014 Do or Die: 90 Days To A Life Without Limits Part 1

This episode is the kickoff to a series of shows called “Do or Die: 90 Days To A Life Without Limits.” I am extremely excited to share with you the journey of Tom Krol who has lost his job and is forced to become a fulltime real estate investor. You’re going to hear the unscripted,… Read More

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How To Sell Your Wholesale Real Esate

How to Negotiate A Wholesale Deal With A Motivated Seller

How to Find Motivated Sellers for your Wholesale Deals

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How To Find Cash Buyers For your Wholesale Real Estate Deals

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