How to Create a 7 Figure Wholesaling Business Using Mailing Lists. How often to mail, how often to buy new real estate lead lists & how to scale fast…



01:19 – How often to mail the same lead list
01:49 – How many times to mail to the same list
03:06 – “Mail hard”



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In this video I’m going to share with you how often you should be mailing your motivated sellers.  So I got a great question from Kent Corsini out of Georgia.  Kent, thank you so much for sending it in.  I’m going to read it to you guys.

It says, “Hey, Todd, a quick question for you.  We’re in the process of sending out 30,000 postcards this month and the calls are coming in.  I paid $2,500 bucks for the list of high equity individuals from List Source.  Do you typically continue sending this to this one list for a few months?  Also how long do you typically send to one list before you buy a new one to send to?  Thanks for your input.  – Kent out of Georgia”

My philosophy on this is pretty cut and dry.  I hate having a business that’s always trying to shoot a moving target.  Sometimes people will mail it once, and they do a certain amount of deals, and they’re like, “Let’s buy a new list and mail to that new list.” Well, the reason why you get deals from the first mailing is because a certain segment of that list, had a need to sell their property. They were motivated, and so that’s why they sold their house to you below market value and you served that convenience and made a profit in the process and they were happier, right?  Well, anywhere between four and eight weeks from now, an additional segment of those people will be motivated, right? So I like to hit my list every four to eight weeks, with no more than eight weeks passing because I think you’ll lose deals that way.

In addition you are constantly going to be in front of your customer, your name is going to be there.  Every time a mail piece comes, you’re going to build credibility, and that’s how you build a real business. Otherwise you’ll be scrambling for deals all the time. That’s when you cultivate a database. People get to know you and they see your mail pieces every single month.  So I take that same list and I will mail that entire list for the entire year, for 12 months, every four to eight weeks.  My ideal is every six weeks and you’re going to pull deals out of that.

Now once you take a list, and let’s say it’s 30,000 names, and by the way, if you’re like, “Oh my gosh, there’s no way I could mail 30,000 postcards,” which is going to cost you around $10,000, although that’s an investment in your business, not an expense, start mailing now, right now. If it’s not at 30,000 postcards, mail at 5,000 post cards.  When you do 5, then do 10 because this is going to be revenue coming in to your business and that’s consistent, predictable income for business that will eventually run without you if you’re building it the right way.  So once you’ve got that all planned out for the year, then buy some new names, okay. And mail those people every six to eight weeks for the entire year.  But I can’t stand when people buy a list and mail it and then buy another list and then mail and then buy another list and then they wonder why they don’t do deals because they’re always trying to hit a moving target.  It’s like duck hunt, you know, from the old Nintendo days.  So I just dated myself.  But I hope that answers your question, Kent.

To summarize, every six to eight weeks hit that list for the entire year, you’ll pull deals out of it every single month and then buy some more names.  My philosophy is buy as many names as you can and mail them as often as you can – mail, mail now, mail hard, and when it hurts, mail some more.  So Kent, again, thanks again for sending the question.  If you guys are watching this on YouTube, please subscribe to our channel.  If you’re on our blog, leave a comment.  I would love to hear from you guys. Head to our website – I’ve got a killer No Limits Wholesaling Map; the massive action plan which will show you guys how to scale your business to a seven figure income.  So I hope you guys enjoyed this.  I will see you on the next video.