Today’s episode is going to a special episode with a real ROCK star in the real estate business.  For those of you who don’t know Sean Terry, you are in for a real treat.

Back in 2003, Sean decided he wanted to get out of his “brain dead” job while listening to a radio informercial. Fast forward 9 years and sean has flipped over 500 homes totalling over $320 million in transactions.  The best part, is that Sean did the majority of it without using cash or credit.  Sean’s teaching style is amazing and you can’t help get excited about real estate in listening to Sean.

Besides being an absolute all-star, Sean is one of the most giving people you will ever meet.  He has awesome values and is just a great person to be around and learn from.  I am also grateful to Sean as he has given me a tremendous amount of advice and support in getting the No Limits Real Estate Investing Podcast off the ground.  Sean has a phenomonal podcast called the Flip2freedom Podcast and I highly recommend him as a resource if your looking to add wholesaling to your arsenal.

In this podcast Sean and I talk about:

  • How to wholesale (short term control) properties without cash, credit,   experience
  • The importance of taking Massive Action
  • How to bust through your fears
  • Why you must take action before you know everything.
  • How to move from residential real estate and move into Donald Trump Territory

Sean and I also go over a scenario in which he is dropped in a new city and he is forced to do a deal in 30 days.  You will also learn

  • How to find agents who will give you tons of intelligence for free
  • How to find the perfect cash buyers
  • How to lock up wholesale deals and negotiate with sellers
  • How to tailor your search to cater to your buyers
  • How to get cash buyers to snatch up your properties within 48 hours or less
  • How to close the transactions
  • Negotiating price even if the seller won’t tell you what he wants
  • How to deal with a seller when they want retail price
  • Why you must find a seasoned closing agent
  • How you get paid at closing

Websites mentioned in the podcast:

1. Yellow Letter Mail

2. Flip2freedom Podcast