I still remember my first real estate deal like it was yesterday.  I had no cash, credit, experience, or real estate knowledge.  I had picked up a book on real estate, mailed some letters out,  finally found a motivated seller!  My hands were shaking, my heart was beating through my chest, and I was so nervous I was going to screw up my first deal! I wanted my first paycheck in real estate more than anything in the world! I was absolutely terrified.

The good news is, I locked up the property under contract and made some money on my first deal.   The bad news is, I lost out on some serious cash because I didn’t know how to talk to motivated sellers.

Today, my meeting with motivated sellers are much different and much more profitable.

In episode 10 of the No Limits Real Estate Podcast, I am going to show you how to negotiate like a real pro. I am going to share with you in one episode, what took me years to learn.  Meeting with a motivated seller is one of the highest paid activities you can do as a real estate investor.  Mastering this skill is critical in maximizing profit on each deal.  I am going to show you my five-step “secret sauce” process of meeting with a motivated seller, so that you can turn these meetings into five-figure paychecks.

Hint: It’s all about maximizing your value!

Here are some of the things that we will cover:

  • Why nothing else matters  if you are not marketing properly
  • How to build instant trust with a motivated seller
  • Why focusing on the sellers needs first is critical
  • How to have the seller convince themselves you are the only option
  • How to have the seller build their own motivation during the conversation
  • How to have the seller come up with an offer that is a homerun for you and have them think it was their idea
  • How to get the paperwork signed and reviewed
  • How to act like a reluctant buyer…even if you’re dead broke and you have no experience.

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