In This Episode of the No Limits Investing Podcast, we are going to get our hands dirty and look at a case study of a real deal done in my local market of San Diego. Before you say. “I can’t do this in my market”… think again.  These deals can be done in any market in the United States and in any free real estate market in the work.  Remember, limits exist only in your mind, so let’s get to it.

You are going to learn how to create passive cash flow every month, chunks of cash upfront, and also a hefty profit on the back of your deals.   You’re going to be able to use the training you receive from this episode and apply it to your business right away.

Before I get into the summary of the show…

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In this episode you will learn how we took an “unsellable” house and helped a motivated seller out of a jam.  When you are truly looking to help a motivated seller, only good things will happen.  The best part about this deal was that everybody won.

You will learn:

  • How you can partner with a real estate agent to bring you deals with zero upfront marketing expenses.
  • How you can negotiate a Sandwich Lease Option with no money out of pocket while maximizing profit and minimizing risk
  • How to negotiate a monthly residual income that will feed your business for years.  Hint: Listen to what the seller wants, and you will be shocked at what you can negotiate.
  • How to collect five-figure paychecks on the front end of your deals and possible multiple times through your transaction
  • How to have the seller pay a realtor upfront, so you don’t have too (I didn’t even know this was possible before this deal)
  • How to structure your deals with no tenant headaches and “hands off” management
  • Of course, you will get your daily dose of motivation…
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