Today’s show is another case study. I love dissecting recent deals because it’s a fantastic way to learn.

If you take massive action, these deals are major financial game changers!

In this episode you’re going to learn how to control a property without cash, credit or experience and subsequently sell it for a five-figure profit.

You will also learn how I picked up a 1985 Ford Thunderbird with 500 miles in MINT condition  and how you can too!

Before we get into the show, we have the Control Without Ownership Summit In San Diego November 2nd and November 3rd , 2012.  It’s not too late to register, but this event will probably sell out in the next day or so. If you’re looking to make 2013 your year, click here to register.

In this episode you will learn:

  1. How to find a motivated seller using yellow letters
  2. The secret sauce to creating five-figure paychecks
  3. How to Negotiate and find out what your seller really wants
  4. How to create an extra 20K by using your ears (Hint: I didn’t do it this deal, but I learned from it)
  5. Why a seller will sell a house to you below market value
  6. How to pick up cars, planes, RV’s, boats, and other toys with a few questions.
  7. How to make more money when your seller asks for more money!!! This is Ninja!
  8. How to find Cash Buyers
  9. Why it is so important to slow down your negotiation
  10. How to find your sellers real motivation
  11. Why you need to start acting like your time is $500.00 an hour (or more).
  12. Why it’s important to find an escrow or closing company first

Links Mentioned in the podcast:

1. Yellow Letter Mail

2. Bill Tan San Diego Creative Investors Association

3. Freedomsoft 

4. Allison McCloskey Escrow San Diego