In this episode you will learn while the lease option is ultimate investing strategy.  This episode, like many of my shows are taught with real stories and real deals that I have personally made money on.  I share them with you because I know if you take massive action, you can have the same results. The image in this episode you will learn the following:

1. Why you MUST learn how to invest without using your own cash or credit

2. Why the lease option is one of the most powerful vehicles to acquire property.

3. How to put together a win-win transaction by listening to a sellers needs

4. How to net $70,000 on one of your first deals without knowing everything (hint: this is huge).  If this scares you, I can teach you how to make less money…(yes, I am being sarcastic).

5. How you can find a buyer for your property even if you are out of state!

6. How to collect huge chunks of cash at the beginning of your deals

7. How to partner with a seller to create a monster cash cow

8. How to a deal with zero risk even if the property is worth a million bucks!

Some of the teaching from this episode will spill over the episode 3.