I rarely promote other Real Estate Educators because frankly I’m sick of all the crap out there. Too many darn people claim they are going to teach you how to make a million bucks in real estate and they haven’t done a deal in years or worse yet, they have never made a penny is real estate.

Then there are the select few of “Good Guys” out there. My good buddy Sean Terry is one of them and I recently spent a full three days with Sean talking about how we could bring “life changing wealth and behavior” to our students.

I’m going to eXTREME freedom next week, an epic real estate wholesaling event that Sean is putting on. I am not getting any kind of payment or an affiliate commission from Sean for sending this. Frankly, I’m usually very guarded about suggesting other events. Well, here is the exception. Sean is a wholesaling monster machine- and his heart is that of a servant.

Watch this video and learn how Sean gave me one idea that made me an extra 14K this year with about 1.5 hours of effort.

If you decide to go, please come up and say hi. Warning: This will be an intense weekend and if you say hi, I will be asking you what your plan is for massive implementation. C’mon C’mon.

If you want to register, I put the link for the event below the video.

Here is the link to register http://www.extremefreedomlive.com/