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Using A CRM Database

How To Scale Your Wholesale Real Estate Business Part 5

        In this video, I’m going to show you how to use a CRM to explode your business to seven figures.

So when most people first get started, they send a bunch of letters or post cards, and the phone calls start pouring in, right.  And where do they send them?  To their cell phone. And they’re driving along and all of a sudden that phone rings and they’re on the phone with the motivated seller.  And they’re pulling over; they’re not really sure where they’re going, and they’re looking for a piece of paper to write down that prospect’s information. And guess what, they hang up and either maybe they go lock up that deal or maybe that lead is lost forever, right?  They’re running that business like a total amateur.  So we have a philosophy in our business, it’s called “no lead left behind”.  And it’s really, really important to really treat every lead like gold, right.  And so the way you do that is by really building your business around a CRM, a Customer Relationship Management program.  Now there’s a lot of them out there.

We love one called Highrise HQ and I’ll leave a link below this video.  It’s super simple to use but basically it’s a place where you keep track of all your prospects’ information – their name, their phone number, the property address, right, any other question that you want to ask them.  But more importantly, it enables you to set dates and reminders to follow up with these people because a very few of the people that you speak to will do business the first time around.  And I love, love, love, love to work that database because overtime if you’re creating a real business, you’re going to have a database of motivated sellers that nobody else knows about.  The amateurs; they send out some mail, they wait for some calls, they lock some up and guess what, they forget about all the other leads.  And I think that’s the worst way to do business.  A real business treats every lead that comes in like gold and they use that database, that CRM to follow up relentlessly and no lead ever slips through the cracks.

You’re going to hear from our company if you call us until you either die, and even if you die, guess what, we’re going to actually call your heirs to buy your property or you tell us to stop calling you guys.  So do me a favor, if you take a look down, there’s a link to Highrise HQ.  They actually have a free plan.  You could sign up right now.  Do yourself and your business a favor and get on Highrise right now, check it out and I know that you’ll thank me later.

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