One of my private clients came to me recently with a problem…

He had a couple of great back-to-back months in his business i.e., he was closing deals and reaching his 5-figure monthly income target.

But then everything started to slow down.

His lead flow, pipeline and income all started grinding to a halt.

He hadn’t closed a deal in over 4 or 5 weeks and he was RUNNING OUT OF MONEY.

Does this sound familiar?

Are you on the income roller coaster where things are up one month and down the next? Or, has your income hit a plateau and you just can’t seem to earn above a certain dollar amount?

In either case, the SOLUTION is the same.

You must TURN UP THE HEAT on your income thermostat!

I asked my client what changed in his business over the past 90 days.

His basically said, “I saw my bank account growing and I got too comfortable.”

In today’s episode, you learn how to crush your wholesaling income goals in 2021 with a 5-step action plan to replace stagnation and complacency with TENSION, HUNGER and DRIVE!

Not long after implementing these 5-steps, my client emailed me to say he had TWO DEALS IN ESCROW (one for $25k and the other for $45k) along with another 4 or 5 hot leads in the pipeline!