We once locked up a deal from direct mail in Riverside, which is a few hours from our headquarters in San Diego.

We hired a local field rep. to coordinate the inspection.

Upon arriving at the property, the field rep. let us know the two neighboring properties to ours were vacant.

Now don’t get me wrong…

…I LOVE making the phone ring with seller leads…

…but if you’re serious about taking your BUSINESS and your INCOME to the next level…

…then you must be PROACTIVE with your marketing!

The most proactive way I know to find deals TODAY is cold calling!

In today’s episode, you’ll learn cold calling secrets for locking up five-figure wholesale deals!

As for the two vacant properties, we skip traced them and got both owners on the phone.

We locked up one of them and made $22K!

Not a bad payday for a quick phone call!